Why choose DOT Daddies?

There are many reasons to choose DOT Daddies. At the top of that list is we care. We care about our client’s safety and peace of mind and that shows in our work. When we perform a service, we do it right and take pride in our ability to thorough and accurate. We understand the importance of maintain a safe and dependable vehicle, for both the operator and all those around them. With over 20 years of experience, we know what it takes to achieve the highest level of safety and dependability. We guess it helps we meet § 396.19 Inspector qualifications.

What services do we offer?

Why should you have a Vehicle inspection done?

Any fleet discount options?

Are there service plans?

Does DOT Daddies perform necessary repairs?

What if my vehicle does not pass the annual DOT inspection?

How do I access my online digital copies?

How long does DOT Daddies maintain records?

Is it true DOT Daddies offers video record of inspections?